Stump Removal

Stump Removal Cape Town

If there is a stump in your backyard, in your garden or anywhere monkey fam tree felling has the tools to remove it safely and efficiently. Our qualified professionals handles the stump removal without any difficulty and swiftly.

In Cape Town because we value our clients highly and our stump removal service is among the best in the industry. We acquired the best machinery for stump removal and we do this job perfectly.

Stumps require total removal down to the roots and we do this for you efficiently. In our tree management package, bole and stump removal our services include those listed below: 

  • Root removal
  • Bole removal Cape Town
  • Stump Excavation and uprooting
  • De-stumping services

Regardless of the stump removal service that you need we cater for all in our services. Our prices are affordable. Always we are ready to listen to your queries so that we can provide the best of services. Professionalism is our priority because it comes first, so do not hesitate to call us.

Best Stump Removal Service Cape Town

Stumps remain after trees are cut. This is because stumps are not useful and usually give a bad aesthetic appeal wherever they are. They need to be removed so that they do not cause accidents to people. 

After spending so many years in the tree removal business in Cape Town we have realized what clients require before they even ask.  We are always ready to help and achieve the desired results.

Stump grinding is another task which can be very challenging and difficult to execute, with our high quality equipment we unsure that all stumps are removed efficiently and in a way that satisfies the customer. Contact our team of specialists and we will do stump grinding for you and you will witness our quality service.