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Tree felling, cutting, stump removal, site clearing and other tree related services are highly dangerous to perform so they require professionals with the right tools. This is done so that the task will not damage your property.

Our Company offers the professional services required to remove trees with minimum damage. 

Transforming your property, getting the view that you have always wanted and also preserving and maintaining your current vegetation is our aim. 

Related jobs such as tree cutting, felling and stump removal can be overcharged. Quality of our work and a fair value for our tree management services is our main aim.

Even though it is a risky trade we understand affordable prices are good for our clients and us as we are always looking to establish good working relationships with all our clients.


Stump Removal

Stump removal is done for different reasons. It might be for aesthetic reasons or for practical purposes.

If not removed stumps do not look good and they are a result of a tree that was not completely removed previously.

Its very difficult to remove a stump if you do not have enough resources.

Monkeyfam-treefelling ensures careful stump removal without damaging the land and surroundings.


Tree Trimming

Having trees growing naturally is a good thing but letting trees grow freely can be very bad.

Tree trimming is done for various reasons because branches can grow out of their boundaries.

Different types of trees require different trimming methods. We do palm tree trimming and other tree trimming services.

The process of trimming can be dangerous if branches are close to your property.


Tree Trimming

For every that we remove, we desire to replace it with another one.

Because environmentally trees are important to human respiration, we always do this.

Expertise on how to utilize and decorate your empty space is vast within our team.

Variety is the king of aesthetics so we are always ready to recommend good tree species.


Tree Cutting

Cutting down trees is done using a chain saw.

It might seem easy to cut down trees in your own yard or farm but the task can be very complicated if the trees are huge.

Tree cutting is our specialty which is done in stages ensuring that your property is safe and nothing gets damaged in the process.


Site Clearance

The term site clearing refers to foliage removal on your piece of land prior to building or it can be done as part of landscaping.

Monkeyfam-treefelling ensures that stump removal is done to the last roots so that trees will not grow again on your site.

We can handle any project.


Emergency Clearance

Due to environmental hazards that is harsh weather conditions tree can can be moved or toppled unexpectedly into very dangerous areas.

There will be need to remove these trees and avoid further damage and risk.

Our team is always available for these tasks. We just a call away.

Our Working Process

Site Assessment

We always come for a consultation first to access the state of the trees that needs cutting, removal or felling.

 Inspection for any hindrances and how we can execute the task will be done. Also we notify you our terms.


Free Quote

After assessing the site to be worked on and also following our calculations of the equipment that will be used.

 And we will then give a free quote with the estimated cost for the project.


Your time is valuable to us so, when we execute we ensure the process is done in the shortest time process. 

As soon as you give us the green light to start work then consider the task already  finishing.


Reviewing is part of every task that is executed and to us it very important to review every tree felling job completed. 

This is because we take into consideration any changes for your satisfaction.

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