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Tree Felling Cape Town

Trees are good for respiration, but when they grow into unwanted areas they need to be removed or trimmed. That is why our professional tree felling surgeons can transform the ugliest looking shrubs and bushes into beautiful additions to your yard. Why, because they are supposed to look good.

Professional Tree Felling Services

Our services are top quality. Why, because we always work hard to maintain the standards in keeping your property perfect and safe.

Affordable Pricing

Our pricing will always suit your budget because we have the perfect price packages for every job.

Safety Priority

Our team pride in high professionalism with skill and experience. That is why they observe safety procedures all the time.

Fire wood Cutting

tree felling Cape town

Looking for a professional tree felling service then we are what you are looking for. And after being in the business for so many years and we have completed many projects. Our team of skilled technicians are always available to advise with all types of tree felling, stump removal and tree maintenance services. We do this so that whether your property is commercial, domestic, private or public we can be able to assist. Despite the size of the operation, be rest assured that our Cape Town tree fellers are available during the week, on weekends, and all year round.

Stump Removal

Stump removal Cape Town

For the best tree felling service in Cape Town our company is the solution for you. Why, because we are a long-established business, and our team has the skills to solve a range of tree-related problems. So, we provide you with tree audits and you will decide whether a tree should be removed or whether it should be kept. Our tree removal specialists can be hired for consultations and they will advise on ways to protect yourself from potential tree hazards. Our green policy is that for every tree removed a new one shall be planted. We do this because we care about the environment.

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Site Clearing Cape Town

Regardless of the job, the location, our Cape Town team is always ready to offer their tree felling services. Because we have experience in trimming and cutting down every type of tree, such as palms, elms, gum-trees, jacarandas, and also plants and hedges, no task is too big. We provide cheap and safe solutions for your home, garden, farm, school or office. So, Our key services are:

Tree Felling Services

Palm tree Trimming Cape Town

Palm are good looking when they are properly managed. But now and then Palm trees need to be trimmed so as to retain their perfect aesthetic appeal. If not properly maintained palm trees can become the ugliest looking trees in your yard. This is because the seeds that they produce can be a great nuisance. So, we offer palm tree trimming as one of our main services. Why,  because we carefully execute this to the best possible level. So, If your palm trees needs to be worked on we are just one call away!

Why Choose our tree felling services
Fast Service

From the moment you reach out to us we ensure that you get a speedy service. Why, because we are both fast and efficient.


Our Prices will always suit your budget. Why, because we try by all means to give you the best possible price that you can get.

Flexible payments

Upon giving you your invoice we accept all payment methods possible and we want our clients to pay in their preferred way.

What Our Tree Felling Clients say
I hired Monkeyfam Tree felling to clear my site for a new project and they were very fast and reliable. I highly recommend them
John De Boer
Farm Manager
Simba is a professional, I called Monkeyfam and they were quick to come and assess the site. They quickly gave me the quotation and the job was finished within two days. So I will use their services again
Alicia Potter
Home Owner Hout-Bay
I have worked with different tree trimming companies and Monkefam did an amazing work on my palms and the quality of their work is what I rehire them time and again.
Edward B. Suarez
Home Owner Durbanville