Tree Felling is simply the removal of trees or tree branches growing into unwanted areas. This process is closely related to tree lopping and it is done mainly for safety if the tree is close to the house or utility grid lines.


Palm trees are beautiful and exquisite but when they are not pruned and cleaned they can be the ugliest feature on your property. We trim palm trees and clean then so that the aesthetics of your property are upheld.


Site clearance can be a very huge task if not done properly. It takes professionals and the correct procedures to clear a piece of land occupied by trees of any size. Our professional arborists will clear your site and leave it clean.


Stumps presents more dangers if they are in your backyard as they cause injuries and habitation of dangerous crawling creatures. If a tree is removed eventually the stump needs to be uprooted as well regardless of where it will be located. We have the right tools for this. 


The shorter life cycle of a tree usually end when it gets ignited in the fire, it is a big task though to break down a huge tree until it a small piece that fits into your hand. Besides cutting down your tree we also offer a follow-up service of  cutting your tree into firewood. 


Sometimes it is not all about cutting down trees. At times all that is needed is simply pruning a tree so that it will be smarter and can grow in the right direction. This is mostly done to fruit trees and in gardening. Our team of tree specialists are always looking to impress you.

You never know when this can happen!!!

Keeping huge trees near your house is a pending disaster, always make sure your tree/trees are properly checked and maintained. We are concerned with your safety and we are always ready to check in with you and inspect the state of your trees.


Your Satisfaction is Paramount

We take pride in leaving our customers fully satisfied. Our work comes before anything else and we rely on referrals so when you decide to work with us then you will definitely testify to someone else about our quality work. You will not be able to remain silent if our paths cross because we believe we are the best in this business. Besides all that we believe in excellent relationships and that can be backed by the volume of our returning clients who have used our services for years. If we can make you happy then we will be happy as well. Try us today and we will meet your requirements and fulfill your task.

Our Company is Approved

Just like any other business w always like to inform our clients that we are a registered business under the CIPC. Our business name is Monkeyfam Pty Ltd with registration number K2021305150. We do our best to comply with the industry standards and regulations and we always strive to show all our clients that we are authentic before we engage in business.

Quality is Key

The quality of our work is very important not only to you but to us as well. We strive to do quality work all the time as this is mandatory in our mission statement. The quality of our work defines who we are and gives our true identity so we have not allowed any sort of sub standard work and our team of professional arborists uphold these principles all the time. If you hire us to do work quality of work should be your last concern as it is our priority!


The most important pillar of our tree services industry is an insurance policy. Not forecasting any damage to your property but only to inform you, we have an insurance in place in case something unplanned happens which is mostly unlikely.

Recommended by Other Clients

It would be incomplete to base the quality of our work by our own standards, so if you need one more reason to trust us, base it on our testimonials. We have offered our services for more than 15 years now and all our clients have been satisfied with our services and professionalism. You can read three testimonials below that we selected out of a testimonial pool just to give you an idea of how other clients we have worked for feel about our work.

Testimonials from some clients

Carolina Montoya

Home Owner

Monkeyfam response time was impressive. As soon as I called they arrived on site, gave me a quotation and within a few hours the task at hand was completed. They are real professionals and I highly recommend them.

Peter Rose

Farm Manager

Comparing all the tree felling companies that I have worked on to trim my palm trees Monkeyfam were simply outstanding. They did their work well and the after work was the most pleasing element, they cleaned up and when I went to check it as if they were never there.

Gerald Gilbert

Estate Manager

I have dealt with so many tree felling companies and with some of them, you will be hanging on fearing something might get damaged. Monkeyfam tree felling have the best equipment for work and their work is simply amazing. If you are not sure who to hire, these guys are the best.